Hava & Adam needs your help to get through the COVID19 crisis.


104,236 / 150,000₪

The COVID19 crisis has stopped the vast majority of the farm's educational and economic activities. Along with them, our dreams and plans for creating a Sustainable School at the Farm for all kids of all ages.


To fulfill this dream, we turn to you. Yes, you who know the Farm and are part of our community and share our wish for a more environmentally conscious world. You, who value education and know what is important: the experience, the practice, to “walk the talk” in hands-on work!


By joining our donation campaign and spreading the word (both for donation and international programs) you can help us maintain our many educational projects and keep pursuing innovation for a sustainable future.

Thank you and we can't wait to have you in our little piece of paradise!


If you are in Israel, you can check our eco-products designed especially for the campaign here (no shipping).

For me the farm is...

Donate if you can, anything helps.

For questions and more information: ecoisrael@havaveadam.org

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